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Haworthia coarctata is a beautiful succulent plant that is native to South Africa. Here are some good things about this plant:

* Ornamental plant: Haworthia coarctata is very suitable for garden pots. For outdoor gardening, this plant is best for rock or succulent gardens. It can fill the spaces between other plants and give your garden a special look that no other succulent has .
* Easy to care: Haworthia coarctata is an easy-to-care-for succulent that you can grow indoors or outdoors. It makes for a great filler for your rock garden and as an ornament adorning your windowsill. It does not require frequent watering or any grooming .
* Non-toxic: Haworthia coarctata is listed as non-toxic to dogs and cats on the website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) 4.
Attractive appearance: Haworthia coarctata produces a rosette of thick succulent leaves with unusual white markings. The thick and tall leaves marked with white stripes give your garden a special look that no other succulent has .
To keep the Haworthia coarctata healthy, it needs well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight. It can grow in any substrate that cacti grow in. If you want to make a potting mix for the plant, you can mix sand and compost in a ratio of two or three-part sand to one-part compost. So long as your plant has more than four hours of direct sunlight, you are good to go. The lighting need of the plant depends on your preferred color of leaves. If you grow Haworthia coarctata in full sunlight, i.e. six or more hours, the leaves will appear purple-red. In partial sunlight, which would be four to six hours of sunlight, the leaves will be dark green. The white ribbings on the leaves will stay no matter the amount of sunlight the plant is exposed to. The best way to tell that your Haworthia coarctata needs more light is when it begins to grow taller than it should and it also appears weak. You should give more light to your plants if they look weak. Place them on south-facing windowsills for potted plants, or a location that receives more than six hours of sunlight, for rock or succulent garden plants .

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