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Engage with the colors and appearance of the Super Saving 6 Plants Combo of Tolumnia at such a great price.
1. Tolumnia Jainak Firm Fine Point
2. Tolumnia Jainak Firm 'Quail Eggs'
3. Tolumnia Jainak Firm Sweet Pink
4. Tolumnia Jainak Firm Pink Lady
5. Tolumnia Jainak Flyer Gules
6. Tolumnia Jainak Firm x Jaho Fantasy

Suitable Place to Keep




Other indoor & shaded outdoor places

Care Requirements:?

The ideal temperature range for healthy tolumnia is between 15-45

High humidity levels from 50% to 70% with good air circulation are required.

Schedule the water frequency after monitoring the dryness of the soil medium.

Apply a balanced NPK fertilizer every two weeks in the growing seasons.

Bright indirect light is very crucial for getting the perfect blooms.

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